Get that All-important Balance

between Work and Life.



This book is designed for people looking to get into the accounting profession, specifically becoming self-employed bookkeepers and finding that elusive balance between work and life.


Download to explore the 4 simple steps to success.

What’s included?


The 4 Steps to Success. A book for aspiring, self-employed bookkeepers.


A practical and visual guide, detailing the experience and training needed.


Simplified book of essentials that are required to set up and build a successful bookkeeping business.

What's In It For You?


I found this was very rewarding as I received lots of positive comments about how helpful people were finding the information I was providing for them. This then led me to setting up my bookkeeping support network called Balanced Bookkeepers, the aim being to help people already in or just starting in the bookkeeping industry.


I created lots of material, full of information for them to see in an easy-to-read visual format. My satisfaction levels grew as more and more people were finding my support network to be helpful for them. This ultimately led me to think about other ways I could share my knowledge with a wider audience. So here we are, at the creation of this book.